One Proven Way To Fix Any Leaks And Cracked Surfaces

You can do it by yourself without anyone's help

Firmfix Invisible Waterproof Sealant

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FirmFix Invisible Waterproof Sealant
Firmfix Invisible Waterproof sealant

FirmFix Invisible Waterproof Sealant- Instead Of Calling Artisans And Pay High Fees, Do It Yourself

Original price was: ₦25,000.00.Current price is: ₦18,500.00.
  • Mighty Repair Adhesive Sealant coating For agent renovation bright bathroom floor penetration type
  • Powerful waterproof sealant easily and instantly seals & repairs broken surfaces.
  • Fast and easy to apply, quick-drying, with remarkable waterproof effect.
  • Will seal leaks and cracks instantly
  • Will save you time and money
  • No need for extra costs with artisans
  • You can use it for all kind of surfaces
  • Protective coating will handle any weather

Peter Olawale

The Firmfix Waterproof Sealant arrived quickly, well packaged/sealed, and comes with a brush for application. It is a kind of creamy and has a chemical smell that is like glue or silicone. I bought the 300 gram bottle, as I intend to use it around the shower stall, to prevent leaks.